What are you looking at?
I'm not a doll being staged in your world of games.
You thought i would be die, cry and be sad?
Sorry boy, i ain't taking your freaking shame.

You think i'm dumb to fall for you?
I never even tripped baby.
So what if it's just something considered new?
You'll just die to see me happy.

You're the monster in my life
A horrible lame shit idiot
i've stolen you're bloody knife
i'll detest you forever- period

I'm not going down like i did
I'm stonger like bacteria
Boy, you think i'd sleep in your shit?
You got it all wrong- it's hysteria

Shame on you if you fool me once
Shame on me if you fool me twice
I'm taking the opportunity and chance
three times the luck, i had, with the dice

So goodbye to you
So badbye to you
I never ever want to see you
Get lost. Nothing will ever be new with you

Author : Rosesrouges

Description: Here's a poem i dedicate to the immature boy whoes got his freaking ego up on his head.

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