Starting today, i will not upload any post until 16th April. This is because:
i need to study (not prepare anything yet for final)

There are 4 papers waiting for me;-)
12/4 : Multimedia
14/4 : S.A.D
15/4 : Accounting (i'm worried bout this!)
16/4 : D.S.A

After that, ape lagiiiiii...packing barang utk sem vacation!

The next day on 17th April:

Then, i'll say BUBYE to my cute compartment, my sweet room, my beloved roomates (Kak Patma, Hazimah n Juju), my great lecturers,my Kuliyyah (ICT), my university (UIA) and also all of my friend (ramai sangat, next post aku inform ya!)

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